Use "Image Editor" program in Linux (wine).


    Habi "Image Editor" program can work in linux using wine. Like the open/detect/close of IDE devices functionality don't work, you have to use other functionality. Habi "Image Editor" program can work with "raw" images.

    Make a "raw" image from your IDE device.

    - Insert your IDE device in your PC and make dmesg command. In this example, dmesg show that a 32MB card is /dev/sdd.

    - Make a "raw" image using dd command. In many cases, you first need to make su or sudo command to have administrative privileges.

    Open "raw" image with "Image Editor" program.

    - Run Habi "Image Editor" program using wine.

    - Select "File" > "Open image" menu and look for the "raw" image you have been created. Select it and click in "open".

    - The program will detect that "raw" image has QubIDE format. Click in "Ok" and the program will show the contents of the "raw" image.

    - The process of use zip or img files and Handle files for sinclair QL using "Image Editor" program is similar to windows PC.

    Save "raw" image to your IDE device.

    - Once you have finished, close "Image Editor" program. Take the "raw" image and use dd command to save the "raw" image to your IDE device.

2015 Javier Herrera & José Leandro Novellón