Sinclair QL QubIDE interface


    QubIDE is a hard disc interface for sinclair QL. In this web site:

    There is a unfinished proyect to make a clone. You are able to download the scheme to make your own version.

Interface construction

    Eagle scheme:

    Actual prototype:

    (1) This design contains original QubIDE scheme plus a 512K RAM extension (total RAM 640K). This addon can be removed (Removing GAL U8 and U7 RAM chip) without affecting the operation of QubIDE. I tested two RAM extension designs:

       mcleod_ideafix design: Internal 512K RAM extension
       tcat design: DIY RAM EXPANSION

    (2) This design does not have an pass-through expansion bus like original design.
    (3) The 1.56A QubIDE rom has been used.
    (4) The QL connector is a 64 pin female DIM41612 a + b type Q.
    (5) Pin 20 of IDC conector is connected to +5V. It can be used to power some SD-IDE, CF-IDE adapters and DOM discs.
    (6) Both 74HCT646 chips are SMD. There is one on each side of the PCB.
    (7) Jumper J6-J7 allows connect +9v with +5v and use QubIDE with a Qplane. CAUTION. Don't use this feature in a standard QL or you will destroy the Qubide. Read the original Qubide documentation.

    Complete assembly:

PC Software

    Thanks to Habi, PC software is available for Windows systems. It can handle our SD, CF, HD or DOM devices with QubIDE format.

cabeceras QL


    QubIDE installation.
    Handle zip files with "Image Editor" software.
    Handle img files with "Image Editor" software.
    Handle files with "Image Editor" software.
    Using "Image Editor" software in Linux (wine).


    Sinclair QL bus Expansion
    GAL + EPROM Qubide
    Original Qubide documentation.
    GAL 512K RAM.
    Eagle PCB+Scheme files.
    Habi "Image Editor" PC software. Now translated to English.


    Ron and Habi for their invaluable help.

2015 José Leandro Novellón