Transtape 3

Interface type:
Transfer interface
Manufacturer: Hard Micro
Year: 1987
Compatible with: Spectrum 48K, +48K, +128K and +2 grey (48K mode)
   The interface "Transtape" is one of the most popular transfer interfaces in Spain. There are three versions of this interface: Transtape 1, Transtape 2 y Transtape 3.

   All versions have the same electronic scheme. Hard Micro was updating the EPROM to have more functionalities over time.

   The Transtape 1 and Transtape 2 have the same exterior and interior design. The only difference between both models are in the EPROM routines because Transtape 2 includes more options than version 1.

    Two versions of Transtape 3 are known:

   The first version (That you can see here) has the same design as Transtape 1 y 2 but differs from these because the NMI button is red instead of green and the switch "Turbo-Normal "is now called "Cinta-Menu".

   The second version of Transtape 3 come in a different and bigger plastic box than forced to redesign the board again. The button placement is just like the other version of Transtape 3. The NMI button is red and the box has printed "Transtape 3".