Unipolbrit's FDD 3000

Interface type:
Disk interface
Manufacturer: Timex - Unipolbrit
Year: 1984
Compatible with: Timex 2048(*), Timex 2068(*), Spectrum 48K(*)

   Timex FDD3000 assembled by Polish company Unipolbrit.
   One large PCB with two Motorola Gate Array.
   64K RAM (2x4464) controller by Ferranti ULA 1H035.
   Two RS232 ports.
   Two 3" disk drivers with 34 pins standar connector. WD1770 chip.
   18V ac toroidal trafo. Switching power supply for +5 v, lineal for +12v (7812).

    (*)It's necessary to change the internal EPROM of the interface that connect FDD to Timex or Spectrum computer.