13/07/16 New interface: First version of Transtape 3 made by Hard Micro. Thanks to Dandare, Floppy and ElfoOscuro.

    06/07/16 PCB Photo of TK90X issue A that was sold in Uruguay. It has ZX Spectrum ULA. Computers seccion.Thanks to Mario Hernández.

    06/04/16 New Fault: Silver Timex Computer 2068. At power up, the timex showed black screen. With the scope, I detected that there were no activity in most Z-80 pins. Changed Z-80 and the problem is solved.

    20/02/16 Photo of a ZX Spectrum 48K issue 5. Computers seccion.Thanks to Carlos Lafonte.

    01/10/15 New interface: Joy III made by JG Componentes (Portugal). Others interfaces seccion.

    19/06/15 Two new faults:

       Spectrum+128K issue 2.0.It always showed the same image. Using a interface with its own rom, the spectrum worked well.Changed original EPROM with a new one.

       Spectrum +2.Erratic behavior. Sometimes it worked but most times it didn't. Sometimes it tried to start in 48K mode. Memory tests gave messages of upper RAM banks fault but It can not identify the damaged chip. Unsolder several chips until find damaged IC22 chip.

    31/05/15 New Spectrum Fault: Timex Sinclair 2068 with several faults.

      1) No power. I open it and detect that +5v power supply only gives +3v. There are 2 RAM chips 4416 that warm a lot. I desolder these 2 RAM chips and TS2068 gives +5v.
      2) No TV image. No +12v. Changed 78L12 regulator.
      3) It still doesn't start. I desolder and test the rest of RAM chips. There were 2 more broken. Finally I changed 4 RAM chips 4416.

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